A Lucky Break

Last summer, I stayed at a friend’s house while my home was being remodeled. It was the hottest stretch our town had seen in years. To make things worse, his air conditioning Rochdale unit decided to crash and burn one miserable afternoon. He tried calling every repair place in the phone book, but no one would be available for several hours. It seemed everyone else was having the same problem.

We tried to tough it out for a while, but finally decided we just couldn’t take it anymore. We decided to go to the mall; it was always nice and cool there. Just as we were heading out the door, the air conditioner came back on! It was the weirdest coincidence either of us had ever experienced, and definitely a welcome one.

Extending My Glorious Sporting Career

In my decade of working with my company I have become the go to guy in our bowling league. I have really transformed my game from an average player to a great one in only a few years. Our bowling league depends on me to crush our local rivals each week down at the bowling alley. Recently I fell off a ladder doing yard work at home and my back and muscles have been killing me. Needless to say I tried to bowl once and I was horrible.

On a suggestion of a friend I decided to try to get a thai massage Newcastle. My visits to physical therapy were not helping, so I took his advice and paid them a visit. That deep tissue massage relaxed me and took away a tremendous amount of muscle pain. I since have been back in the regular rotation in our bowling league and have been putting up the best numbers on the team again. This unique massage has really helped to extend my bowling career.

How to Make Bath Salts

Bath salts are a wonderful treat to make for yourself. Pour 1/2 cup of salts into your bath for a luxurious treat. It only takes a few items and a few minutes to make something amazing for yourself. I like to use a mixture of rock salt, epsom salts and table salt in my recipe. Other ingredients include powdered milk (or powdered goat’s milk) and essential oils or fragrance oils. Pour your salts into a bowl, and combine well. Stir in about 1 tablespoon of powdered milk and 8-10 drops of oils per two cups of salts. Break up any lumps that form from too much liquid placed in one part of the bowl. Store in a pretty, airtight container near the bathtub for use any time you need a relaxing break!